Randy Macchi — Red Flag Law

What are red-flag laws? – The Washington Post

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, is a powerful proponent of some variant of a red-flag law, also known as an extreme risk protection order.

Democrats Warn That Federal ‘Red Flag’ Law Would Not Be Enough – The New York Times

Congressional Democrats insisted that a new bill to make it easier for the police to take guns away from people deemed dangerous must be paired with an expansion of background checks.

What are “red flag” laws, and which states have implemented them?

Several states implemented red flag laws after the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, last year, and there is also a bipartisan proposal in the Senate for a federal red flag bill

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Bear Arms Launches Radio Blitz Ad Campaign

Bear Arms recently unveiled a series of fast-paced radio spots designed to get casual shooters and potential gun owners to take notice of the everyday violence and crime around them — and how to protect themselves and their loved ones against it. The six radio spots are currently running throughout the day and evening on WISN AM Talk radio. Take a listen to the spots and let us know your favorite.

Bear Arms Opening

CBS 58 News announces the opening of Bear Arms Indoor Boutique Shooting Range.


JS Online Interview Bear Arms Opening

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel unveils a new article about the opening of Bear Arms Indoor Boutique Shooting Range and the fastest growing segment in the firearms industry — women.


Cheryle Rebholz / Bear Arms Interview with NRA Satellite TV