Worried For a Loved One? Let Bear Arms Store Their Firearms Until Things Cool Off.

Do you know a veteran going through a tough time? If someone you know is going through a crisis (like a break-up, job loss, or legal trouble) or have had a major change in their behavior (like depression or anger, or more drinking), storing guns outside the home until the situation improves may save a life.

Bear Arms Indoor Boutique Shooting Range is an active participant in the Safe Gun Storage Program. Safe Gun was created to help veterans during difficult times to provide a “cooling off sanctuary” for their firearms.

Many veterans face psychological and emotional issues that impact their lives. Depression, joblessness, PTSD to name a few. Safe Gun allows vets to put down their guns during times of emotional crisis. Loved ones of vets are encouraged to take advantage of this program as well.

Bear Arms can store personal firearms for up to 3 months (90 days) — giving someone time to cool off. Everyone goes through rough times — let us take care of their firearms, for a nominal fee of $5/month. It could save a life.

Watch this video from TMJ4 to learn more about the program or read the full article.