We’ve made it easier to enroll family and friends for classes.

Now you can register more than one person at a time for a class. And each person whose name you register will receive their own order confirmation via email. Straight to their personal email Inbox.


You must be 21 years of age or older to take this class. And you must provide valid I.D. (Driver’s License, WI State I.D.) as proof of age at class sign-up.

Location: All classes take place at Bear Arms Indoor Boutique Shooting Range, 9653 North Granville Rd, Mequon WI 53097

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel classes without notice due to insufficient attendance. Payment will be promptly credited at such time. Do not bring a firearm or ammunition to the class. You do not need to be a resident of Wisconsin to take the class, however, you MUST be a resident to receive a Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permit. All class fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and do not include the state application fee. Class completion does not guarantee a Concealed Carry License will be approved.