Gain the experience and will to act quickly and decisively in an extreme situation; Bear Arms offers the specialized training programs and expert instruction you’re looking for to accomplish your goals.
PLEASE NOTE: You must register for a class in person or by phone at: 262.478.9111. Only ONE PARTICIPANT may sign up at a time. Multiple purchases must be done separately.

Firearms Training

Beginner Handgun Class (2 hours)Minimum 8 students.

Cost per Student: TBD

Introduction to firearms. Proper handling, care, and cleaning of a firearm. Learn how to shoot a gun correctly. Proper stance, loading and unloading — complete to Range readiness.

Hunter’s Safety Course

Minimum 8 students

Cost per Student: TBD

Learn the safe use of firearms. And the firearms hunter’s use. Reduce the potential for accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Practice the responsible and ethical use of the environment and our resources. Completion of the class makes students eligible for application for Conceal Carry Wisconsin.

Private Session

(2 hours, 1 hour classroom review safety, shooting skills, etc., 1 hour shooting) 1 minimum, 2 maximum students.

Cost per Student: TBD

Get to know your firearm like the back of your hand. Fine tune your shooting skills at our indoor range. Learn the ins and outs of your firearm at your own pace.
PLEASE NOTE: When signing up for a class, you must sign up ONE PARTICIPANT at a time. Multiple purchases must be done separately. If we do not reach a minimum of ten participants for the class, we reserve the right to reschedule that class at a later date.