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It’s not enough to just have a CCW permit these days. To obtain true firearms proficiency and self-defense expertise, you need to aim higher — and put the odds in your favor. That’s why Bear Arms is excited to introduce its new 3-tiered Progressive Training Program. Three courses that when combined, will make you more of a complete shooter. And one that’s better prepared to handle extreme situations. So don’t stop your firearms and self-defense training with just a CCW permit! Stay a step ahead of the bad guys. And take these steps to be prepared.


Concealed Carry

Learn safety rules, parts of a handgun and ammunition, firearms functions, basic terminology, loading, and unloading. Enhance your ability to handle a handgun safely and effectively. Pick up pointers on self-defense techniques and laws regarding the deadly use of force.

Beginner Handgun

Discusses fundamental skills behind shooting
handguns both safely and accurately. The
course is about 3 hours with a low student to
Instructor ratio, allowing for close, personal
hands-on attention. Course instruction includes
classroom work, hands on dry-fire practice and
Instructor led live-fire practice on the range.

Defensive Pistol

Learn how to draw from a holster, how to react to pistol malfunctions, how to perform tactical and emergency reloading, and how to further personal training in order to develop lifesaving defensive pistol skills. This is the next level course to take after you complete the basic concealed carry training.

Take These Three Classes And Save 15%

CCW & Personal Defense: $75
Beginner Handgun: $75
Defensive Pistol: $175

Regular Price: $325.00

15% SAVINGS – TOTAL: $243.75
(Save $48.75)

Take These Two Classes And Save 10%

CCW & Personal Defense: $75
Beginner Handgun: $75

Regular Price: $150.00

10% SAVINGS – TOTAL: $135.00 (Save $15.00) 

The More You Advance — The More You Save!

Hone your skills with our new classes,

programs and workshops.

BADGER IDPA Match III Continues
Saturday March 9

Bear Arms will be hosting its third and final IDPA match of the winter season. Registration will begin at 5:15 pm. Match time starting at 6:30 pm. The new Shooter Briefing is at 5:45 and the mandatory Safety Meeting will follow at 6:15. Please, do not arrive late. Please enter your division if you know it — or consult the idpa.com rule book for your firearm’s division. If uncertain, leave blank and we will handle at registration. Please do not miss the 6 pm briefing. After the meeting help will be appreciated in setting up the range. Afterwards, participants can gear up and get ready. Ear protection is required for all contestants, including observers. GOOD LUCK PLAYERS!

COURSES OF FIRE: The Match will include four (4) stages, including a Classifier (one of the four stages) with a total minimum round count of 54. Have plenty on hand. Concealment will not be required for new shooters.

* CLASSIFIER –  IDPA National members wishing to enter into the Classifier may do so upon request. For non members, match will proceed as normal.

MATCH DIRECTORS: John Alexander and Robert Schwartz

Individuals interested in competing in the event will need to follow the link below to PractiScore. You will need to set up an account (FREE) and then register for the event. Full event details will be on the registration page.


S.O. Price: $15.00
Badger Member Price: $20.00
Non-Badger Member Price: $25.00

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A Corporate Membership from Bear Arms offers
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Allows You and Your Employees To Build Camaraderie & Company Morale

10% Retail Discounts

Build Client / Customer Relationships

Unlimited & Preferential Range Time

Host Private Parties

Complimentary Private Lessons

Can Further Protect Your Employees with Self-Defense Classes and Firearms Training


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 Self-Defense & Violence Prevention

Saturday, March 9 & Sunday, April 7

Co-ed participants will learn information about the psychology of attackers, awareness and avoidance strategies, verbal de-escalation strategies, pre-contact cues and physical strategies. Experience SAFE attack scenarios…with instructor wearing protective gear.

Just a few of the focus areas include:

  • How to use verbal strategies to avoid violence
  • Why yelling at an attacker might be the worst strategy
  • How to physically get home safely to your family
  • Simple, easy to remember physical self-defense concepts
  • How to handle the most common attacks
  • How attackers choose their victims
  • Safety in the car and in your home



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The tragic news of a nurse practitioner who was brutally beaten and left to die in a Froedtert Hosptal parking garage gave all of us at Bear Arms considerable reason to pause. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the young woman’s family. If you are not familiar with the story, we have included a link to Channel 58 News here.

With that said, we are more determined than ever to provide women with a comprehensive class curriculum that focuses on personal safety, violence prevention, concealed carry and self defense. It’s critical. We also realize not everyone feels comfortable using a firearm. Nor are concealed weapons always welcomed at work places or other establishments. As such, we have beefed up our Concealed Carry Classes to now include additional teachings about non-lethal devices, such as stun guns, pepper sprays and tasers. With proper training, they can be an extremely effective deterrent against assault. (See products below). We encourage you to consider carrying such a “weapon” for your protection. And further backing it up with a CCW class and permit. It’s a matter of personal protection. Our next Concealed Carry & Personal Defense Class is Saturday, March 2.

Please Note:  In Wisconsin, electric guns, contact weapons and some knives are subject to the same concealed possession statutes as firearms. If you have not already done so, register now for our Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) class. Upon completion of our course, you will qualify to apply for a Wisconsin CCW permit, allowing you to legally carry, transport and possess both lethal and non-lethal defensive resources within the state of Wisconsin as prescribed by law.


Beginner Handgun

Saturday, February 23, 2019

This course is designed around the fundamental skills behind shooting handguns both safely and accurately. The Beginner Handgun (Formerly Handgun Marksmanship Fundamentals) is about 3 hours with a low student to Instructor ratio, allowing for close, personal hands-on attention while still being in a relaxed classroom environment.


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Shoot For A Good Cause

Shoot for a Good Cause is our way of helping troubled youths become responsible adults. With your support, you’ll be helping the youth of Sojourner Family Center and St. Rose Youth & Family Center overcome the mental, physical and behavioral challenges they endured as kids. As a sponsor, Bear Arms will offer free self-defense classes to these young men and women to help them regain their confidence and self-respect. To find out more on how you can truly make a difference, Click Here
. Your donation may be tax deductible. 

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⊕ Beginner Handgun
Saturday, February 23, 2019

⊕ Concealed Carry
Saturday, March 2, 2019

Private Lessons

You Pick A Date

Looking for a private one-on-one lesson? We offer them. Whatever you want to know about firearms, we can help. Looking to improve your marksmanship? How to disassemble a firearm? How to sight in a rifle? How to improve your shooting times? Let one of our qualified NRA instructors teach you. Inquire today — and enjoy a stress-free, private class — at your pace and leisure. Call to arrange a time. 262.478.9111.

Rate: 1/2 hr. $40  |   1 hr. $95


A Stun Gun can jolt your attacker into submission in seconds. It “stuns” your attacker with an electrical charge. Requires you to be in close proximity of attacker for metal prongs to make contact with the body or skin. Wisconsin law requires a CCW permit to use, carry or transport a Stun Gun.

Pepper spray can be an effective non-lethal method of fending off an attack. (Great for aggressive coyotes, dogs, too.) Users are advised to practice in order to accurately point the pepper spray at the attacker’s face and eyes which causes a strong burning sensation.

At Bear Arms we carry a variety of quality, concealed carry holsters for many firearm models and clothing situations. On the body, belt or waist holsters are just a few of the options available to women. Comfort and quick access to your firearm is paramount.

A TASER is a highly effective non-lethal weapon that can incapacitate an opponent virtually immediately. The taser shoots out two dart-like electrodes that pierce your attacker’s clothing sending shocks throughout the body. Requires a CCW permit. Tasers can have a range up to 15 feet or greater.

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