Bullseye Pistol Shooting League – In Progress

This pistol league, geared towards experienced shooters, is hosted at our shooting range and will meet every Tuesday (co-ed league) and Wednesday (women’s league), starting early October for 7 weeks of learning, safe shooting, and fun. While this league is geared toward experienced shooters, we absolutely welcome novice shooters as well.



It doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment to compete in Bullseye shooting. Most participants use a semi-automatic chambered in .22 LR. You may however, use any handgun that’s permitted on the range with which you can safely and successfully fire 5 rounds in 10 seconds.

The basic guidelines are as follows:

✪ Stages will be shot with single handed shooting at 50ft, shooting 30 rounds a night

✪ Any semi-automatic pistol utilizing at least a 10 round magazine can be used

 Laser sights may not be used on any firearm used for this competition

✪ Open sights and non-magnified red-dot sights are accepted (no magnified sights or PCCs)

✪ Braces and other supporting devices are also prohibited

✪ Semi-automatic pistols in rimfire are allowed including .22 LR and up to .357 Magnum

✪ Eye and hearing protection must be worn at all times by all participants and parents while in the shooting range area

The course of fire for the weekly competition will be shot in three stages, plus a warm-up, for a total of 30 qualifying rounds. The stages are: Warm-up, Slow Fire, Timed Fire, and Rapid Fire. An unlimited number of rounds may be fired in the 5-minute Warm-up stage. Rounds fired during the Warm-up are not counted against the 30 needed to complete the competition. Stages will be shot at 50ft with NRA Bullseye targets.

$75 for League Pass or $10 per Meet

Co-ed League runs from October 1st-November 12th, 2019

Women’s League runs from October 2nd-November 13th, 2019

6:00PM – 8:00PM

Ready to Play?

Payment required prior to competition. Pay a one-time $75 fee for a League Pass — or pay-as-you-go ($10) — prior to your event. Online payment not accepted.