From first time shooters to law enforcement professionals who are looking for a cost-effective method to train on a dynamic and realistic system, Bear Arms offers the experience of a virtual simulator; the same professional simulation systems used by military special operations personnel and local and federal law enforcement.

The SMART ST-180 Simulator has over 300 dynamic scenarios filmed in HD which include realistic, live-action scenes used for training purposes as well as fun animated shooting options used for private events and group competitions. The simulator is a highly flexible system that can be tailored to a variety of skill levels and needs, allowing for total training customization including the use of a wide range of firearms and less-lethal self-defense products, such as pepper spray and TASER™.


On the lighter side, the ST-180 also makes for great entertainment. Available for parties, special events, and social functions, the ST-180 will provide your guests with hours of excitement and fast-paced entertainment. Great for team building exercises and training – the ST-180 is the perfect way to liven up company meetings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, social get-togethers, birthday parties, family reunions, local youth groups – all kinds of functions and activities.

More than a high-end video gaming system, the Smart-180 is a comprehensive teaching tool that provides an educational experience for young and old, novice or pro. Learn new self-defense techniques, when to shoot, when not to, low light combative exercises, how to avoid life-threatening situations and how to react to life-threatening events. Master the art of firearms control and improve your firearms techniques, marksmanship and shooting range capabilities with the ST-180. Only at Bear Arms.

Available for groups by reservation only 7 days in advance. Call 262.478.9111 to reserve your time today.

The ST-180 is not a toy. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign a waiver and remain by their side at all times.

Simulator HD 180 Degree 3 Screen Dry Fire Laser SMART Theater powered by Milo Range. Exclusive to Wisconsin.

Reserve for :

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • Date Nights
  • Socials
  • Scouting Groups
  • Educational/Training Civilian Force-on-Force (Rare Opportunity).
  • Special Rates with instructors.

Rates :

  • $40.00 / hr. for Single Person
  • $20.00 / 30 minutes – Single Person
  • $35.00    per person — 60 minutes —    2-5 People
  • $30.00    per person — 60 minutes —   6-12 People.

* 25% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the event/group

Includes Unlimited Scenarios, from plinking cans and pumpkins to serious
shoot/don’t shoot training, Replica Handguns, Rifles, Taser and ST-180 Video Operator.

Simulator Shooting Leagues

*Assemble your own team or ask us to assign you to one

*Available afternoons, evenings and by appointment

*Enjoy 10 weekly range visits with your team

*Your $325.00 fee includes all gear plus team T-Shirt

Our advanced Simulator provides loads of video fun for kids and family.